Breakables Mosaic Studio

Our mosaics were so popular over the last couple years, that when we moved, we decided to expand them into their own studio!    Filled with shapes & surfaces from mirrors to trivets to glue to and glass, beads and ceramic pieces for you to glue!   Mosaics go home with you the same day, and the price of your piece includes everything you need — including a grout kit for after your piece dries at home.  We do have a grouting service, starting at $15 and it takes about a week if we do for you.   We do include instructions, so you can do totally do this at home!   See more about mosaics & about our studio on Facebook. 



Goes home with you same day.    Allow 24 hours for more for the glue to dry completely before grouting.   We can grout your piece for you if you’d like to leave it with us but our rates start at $21 depending on the size of your piece.

FunKy ChuNkY Candles (yes, you can build them too!)

These are funky chunky candles!   Allow 30 minutes for us to finish your candle for you, and then it goes home with you same day!   Select from glass containers or molded candles and your scent!   Starts at $16

Pricing is all-inclusive with listed candle price.