Annual Mother’s Day Event

Annual Mother's Day Event

This Friday-Sunday.  There is nothing moms love nothing more than to sit down with family and spend time together.  The fact that you’re all making memories as well as making pottery, well…that seals the deal.   And, all painting or mosaic’ing moms get a FREE Beverage from Tea Largo!

Doing art together PicassoZ Mother’s Day Weekend is the perfect day out with Mom and Grandma. Plenty of seating for painters or mosaic’ing in Breakables Mosaic Studio by PicassoZ, too.   Mosaics & chunky candles, in our mosaic studio, go home with you-no firing!

Friday, May 8th 10am-10:30pm

Saturday, May 9th 10am-10:30pm

Sunday, May 10th 10am-7pm (special event hours)

The first 100 moms, starting on Friday, get a magnetic or wearable ceramic flower to keep (when they paint or mosaic).


Mother’s Day Painting Deadline, 5/6 9pm


Our pottery painting deadline to get before Mother’s Day, is Wednesday, May 6th. Normally, we do take rushed pieces after that day, but you need to verify we can still process them. We do have 2 kilns and we do all we can for our guests! (Remember, we also have mosaics and chunky candles you can make for Mom that go home with you same day!)


Kids Night at PicassoZ – Paint early for Mother’s Day 3-9pm


All pottery 25% off for kids 15 & under. What a great night to paint for Mom. She’ll love it! Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest boards for such an occasion as this…  as well as hand & footprint boards, home decor, etc.


Getting creative for our Mother’s Day gift

mothers day quilt

It’s not difficult coming up with creative ideas for Mother’s Day gifts any more.   We have Pinterest.   This platter my sister and I made for our mom back in 2010 was an original, though.  In fact, I don’t remember if I’ve posted it on Pinterest yet…