Make a fused glass pendant today, get a free silk ribbon.

Fused glass pendants on silk ribbons

($8 value) Your choice color of handmade silk ribbon. Designing your pendant is easy! You select your base shape and color. We will show you how to layer your piece and add some interest to the design. Once finished, we will fire it for you and it will take about a week or so, depending on what day we fire that week. Once fired, we polish and set the bail on the back. Let us know which way is the top! Hand-dyed string is included.


Make a mosaic today, 20% off

Breakables Mosaic Studio

Breakables Mosaic Studio is open 10am-6pm today and mosaics are 20% off. Did you know mosaics go home with you? Mosaic surfaces start at $21 and can be practical like lazy susans and trivets, and fun and decorative like wall plaques.

Breakables Mosaic Studio by PicassoZ 10am-6pm
4636 Cleveland Heights Blvd
Lakeland, FL 33813

Located beside Tea Largo


FREE Tea Largo beverage when you make a mosaic today

Not all who wander are lost.

Breakables Mosaic Studio is open 10-6 for walk-in mosaics!   They go home with you same day!     Mosaics are very beginner friendly, and prices include a grout kit!


Breakables Studio a smashing success on Valentine's Day

Our mosaic studio was host to memory-making (and piece-breaking) on Valentine’s Day. We feature walk-in mosaics and chunky candles, and still next door to Tea Largo Beverage Co., for hand-crafted beverages (if you don’t bring your own!). Our guests just wander our studio and select their piece, then select their pieces. Arrange, glue, grout (after 24 hours).