500 kids needed to paint tiles for PicassoZ Art Cafe’s tile wall

500 kids needed to paint tiles for PicassoZ Art Cafe's tile wall

UPDATE:   Our tile vouchers are now all claimed…all 1300 of them!!!!  I’ll have to wait til the 3/13 & 3/25 painting deadlines to see how many tiles were actually painted.  If I need more for the wall, I will post on Facebook.  I assume I will need extras but to keep it fair, I would put out another numbered voucher., unless someone has another way to keep it fair!

However, I will offer ANOTHER community participation project for kids later this year, painting pavers for our courtyard.   I will announce it to my newsletter subscribers first.   To subscribe…

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February 23.  Local kids are needed to paint tiles for PicassoZ tile wall studio mural outside our new South Lakeland studio.  We are inviting all local children 12 & under to paint a tile that will be made into a lasting art installation!

To say thank you (and so the little ones don’t get too attached to their tile creations we’re keeping), we are offering 25% off any single piece of pottery!

Local kids are invited to paint a tile wall for PicassoZ Art Cafe

Local kids are invited to paint a tile wall for PicassoZ Art Cafe, 3/4-3/25.  As a thank you, your tile voucher also is valid for a special discount on your own pottery piece

We do have a general theme, “what PicassoZ means to you”…and we expect wide interpretation!   If kids need direction, they have a theme, but really…they can paint whatever they want, so no worries.

Claim 1 voucher per each of your children 12 & under, as 1 voucher is good for 1 tile.   Our walk-in hours are in sidebar.    Spread the word!

Did you know…we brought pottery painting to Lakeland 13 years ago?   We love to watch our budding picassos grow!

UPDATE 2/23 9pm:  This is CRAZY good, but CRAZY!!  I had no idea the community would respond like this…thank you, thank you…I am overwhelmed and humbled by your support!

Legacy tile wall murals are pretty special.  They are a fundraiser, an art installation, and a scrapbook all in one.    This one we did for Lakeland Christian School.  For more info about our tile wall fundraisers, see our info page and contact us HERE.

Lakeland Christian School tile wall

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  1. 1

    I have two kids :)

  2. 3

    My little one just turned 5 and LOVES painting, drawing and anything art. Is she too young?

  3. 5

    My daughter LOVES to paint here. We’ve been there a few times when it was next to Cobb. She is 4 years old and is there still tiles available?

    • 6

      Awesome! Our first batch went fast!!!! I had no idea—we are going to add to our wall and upload another voucher here in a few minutes!

  4. 7

    My first voucher # was 493 but I couldn’t print it nor could I go back to try again…I did get my 3md voucher printed and it was 499. What should I do about the first one?

  5. 10

    The link says “out of this item” and the downloadable voucher isn’t filling in automatically with a code….
    Does this mean they are all out already?

    • 11

      It did “sell out”. However, I made a decision without my husband even knowing ha ha, and am going to extend our wall… I dont want any kids to not be able to participate! Uploading here in a few…

  6. 12

    Are there an vouchers left?

    • 13

      Not for the first batch! I am getting ready to add another voucher as we decided super fast to extend our wall so more kids can participate!

    • 14

      No–the first 500 went like lightning. I still can’t believe it! We will make a larger wall! A new voucher for hundreds more kids coming shortly!

  7. 15

    does the voucher code fill in when you click on the image?

    • 16

      its loaded now, staci– this batch is for when my new tiles come in for next tuesday, so i extended the painting deadline, too.

  8. 17

    should it be working yet?

    • 18

      it should be loaded now— next batch is for painting next tuesday, so dates are extended as i need MORE TILES!! let me know if you have an issue!

  9. 19

    Will the voucher code only show when it prints or when we click on it? I can’t tell if the new vouchers are loaded yet. Thanks!!!

  10. 27
  11. 28

    I’m not getting a voucher code :(

  12. 32

    Still no link with numbered vouchers.

  13. 36

    I have 1 child interested. Thank you for this opportunity! She loves your store!

  14. 40

    They are still printing out with no voucher code

  15. 41

    I can’t get a code either. :(

  16. 42

    I can’t get a code on the voucher either.

  17. 43

    A code isn’t showing up for me either.

  18. 44

    I am not sure how to do it and where is the number?

  19. 45

    I don’t see the link like there was before (I got my vouchers, was checking it for some frirends!!) :) this is so cool!!

  20. 46

    i printed some.. not giving a voucher code, yet – gotta love computers lol
    so excited cant wait :)

  21. 47

    now when i click on it it wont even download to be able to print voucher? hmm..

  22. 49

    Now it wont let us click on it

  23. 53
  24. 55

    Woohoo!! Got them! Thank you!!

    • 56

      wonderful!! thank you for hanging in there with me! y’all just keep in mind you may want to come during off-peak times… like not saturday and not right after school…but we will do our best-always! i wanted to have the wall done by spring break, but i’m a little overwhelmed at this point! good night

      • 57
        angelina katzaras

        I have 3 little ones. One is a baby for a hand print if u are still accepting

        • 58

          i saw your facebook message and you should be all set since you got the 3 vouchers. i HOPE we have LOTS of baby handprints…those hands are our future painters LOL see you soon!

  25. 59
    angelina katzaras

    I have a baby for a handprint and two others who would l love to do this. We visit frequently

  26. 60

    hi ! I am already on your email – first I heard about tiles today when u showed on my Facebook page — went right away To save 3 tiles for my grandkids – all already taken!!! So why even post this???? Plus never got email about it!! Thanks ! Ingrid

    • 61

      Hello, Ingrid! I posted a link to our website on Facebook yesterday afternoon announcing the project. So it went a little viral yesterday, and I accommodated another 800 children late last night. I kept the initial post updated, so I’m not sure what else I could have done and feel badly for any confusion. I shared today that the next project will be announced in our newsletter first, not on Facebook. I added our newsletter link so that people had a chance to get first dibs on that one. This particular tile project was announced on our Facebook page first. I will announce on Facebook some time in March, if I have more tiles available, and I assume I will. Hopefully, we can have your grandkids paint tiles for us! Thank you for letting me explain what may have happened! I’d love to have all the kids on our wall!

  27. 62

    I have a 9yo who loves to draw, color and paint and a 2yo who could do a hand for you :-)

    • 63

      awww…they sound perfect for our project! i have a feeling not all the vouchers will be submitted, so keep an eye out on facebook and i’ll announce there how many more tiles i may need. not sure how to keep it fair, but im open to suggestions! thank you for sharing…i will do my best to accommodate, trust me!

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